Children’s House.

The Children’s House & Playground

Children's House

Children’s House

The Children’s House was renovated in 2003 funded with a grant won by the Conservancy from NJ with Green Acres Program and matching funding from Essex County. It sits adjacent to the playground. It has bathrooms, benches and tables used for indoor children’s arts and crafts, reading and other learning and other community activities. It is also staffed by Essex County caretakers during the day, three seasons per year.

At the same time, the grants covered new benches, light stanchions and trash containers. It also covered repaving all the paths throughout the park as well as completing the path surrounding the pond.

The Children's House and Playground

The Playground

The playground was replaced in 2003 using a grant won by the Conservancy from NJ Green Acres Program with matching funding from Essex County. It was renovated in 2018 with funding from Essex County Parks Foundation. The goal was to keep the playground equipment safe for children and compliant with all safety and ADA regulations.

  • Restrooms

  • Storytime

  • Playground

  • Children’s ADA compliant wheelchair accessible picnic table

Grover Cleveland Park Playground

Swings and slides for older children.

Children's House Picnic

Take a break at the children’s picnic tables – purchased by the Conservancy.

Grover Cleveland Park Playground

View of the toddler play area.