Recent Achievements

The Conservancy developed new initiatives including the Derby Day Fundraiser, Summer Reading in the Children’s House, trail refurbishment, and scouting programs.  These are in addition to our traditional programs of Spring cleanup, fishing derby, summer concerts and the Halloween parade.

Derby Day

Derby Day Fundraiser

The Annual Derby Day Fundraiser is held on the first Saturday in May to coincide with the Kentucky Derby. The festival and fundraiser include music, food and drinks, Kentucky Derby-themed games and events for children and adults as well as the live streaming of the Kentucky Derby. In addition to being a fun evening for the community, it is a premier fundraising event for the Conservancy to finance park projects.

Planting Trees

New Tree Plantings

In keeping with our mission, the Conservancy had purchased and planted 200+ new trees, bushes and flowers in the park. Additionally, we have pursued a program of eradicating invasive species of plants from several areas of the park and replanted them with native New Jersey species.


Playground Refurbishment

A committee that included trustees and community members worked with the Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs and its chosen architect to review and develop a new concept for the playground that is in keeping with the original design of this Olmsted Park.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Court Refurbishment

The surfaces of the four courts were milled, resurfaced and painted in keeping with new tennis court standards.

Trail Refurbishment

Trail Refurbishment

Trustees developed plans to refurbish trails that have become overgrown and unused. Trails were refurbished with the help of volunteers from local companies as well as from Caldwell University.

Summer Reading

Summer Reading Program

In conjunction with the Caldwell Public Library, the Conservancy began a summer reading program for toddlers on Friday mornings during the summer.

Renovated Bridge

Bridge Refurbishment

Outreach to the Rotary Club of the Caldwell’s secured a donation of $10K with an additional $5K from Essex County Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs. This allowed the replacement of the bridge railings with a design that is similar to the original Olmsted design as well as reinforcing the bridge structure and making the railings comply with current safety standards.