Bridge railings are being refurbished in the style of the original Olmsted design.

Grover Cleveland Park Olmsted Bridges

Olmsted Bridges

There are seven bridges in the park that allow visitors to cross over Pine Brook which runs between the upper and lower sections of the park. The Conservancy is actively seeking donations, grants, and other funding to replace the iron bridge railings with a design similar to the original Olmsted design.

Donations from the Rotary Club of the Caldwells and the Essex County Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs have allowed the installation of new railings by the Runnymede parking lot. The bridge bed was milled and improved; the new railings meet current safety standards.

Olmsted Bridge Design

Above the water. 1962. The bridge crosses Pine Brook by Runnymede parking lot. (Image courtesy of Essex County Park System Archives).

Olmsted Bridge

Original postcard of the bridge spillway into Pine Brook at the western edge of the pond.

Bridges in the Park
  • Bridge between the Pond and Buttonwood Parking Area (goal featured at top of page)

  • Bowers Road Bridge (below playground) – (Second in line for historic timber railing renovation)

  • Northeast Bridge by the Tennis Courts – (Next in line for historic timber railing renovation)

  • Stone Bridge between Picnic Grove and Runnymede Parking Lot

  • Pond (Weir) Stone Bridge along Runnymede Road

  • Gould Avenue (Walking) Bridge (by Triangle Garden)

  • Footbridge behind the Playground

Bowers Bridge

There are bridges yet to be replaced.

Tennis Court Bridge