Grover the Turtle

Grover the Turtle

GROVER THE TURTLE:  The Final Chapter – 

For those who were following the rescue of a clutch of turtle eggs back in June 2012 and the subsequent hatching of one strong snapping turtle affectionately named Grover, there is a happy beginning – the end of his rearing.

Conservancy member Greg Michales rescued and raised this snapper who was just larger than a nickel when born.  In August 2014 Greg released Grover into the Passaic River.  At that time he measured 3.5” long.  His chances of survival are good at this size.  So – should you be canoeing or fishing on the Passaic and see a snapper – think of Grover!

This past summer, a few people in the park witnessed two turtle hatchlings cross from the flag garden to the pond.  The turtles knew exactly where to go despite being shorter than the grass.  Looks to be another snapper – could it be Grover’s relative?

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