The Pond

The Pond

POND HEALTH:  The pond continues to be plagued by curly leaf pond weed, originating from Eurasia and used as decoration in aquariums.  This is an invasive water plant that grows in mid-spring and lasts until mid-summer when it is replaced by the alga hydrodictyon sp. or water net. The weed cannot be eradicated, only controlled with herbicides or by physically removing the entire plant including the roots. This is a tremendous undertaking and would require many volunteer hands.  The GCPC is working with the county and actively seeking a partner to assist with the removal.  If you are interested in helping, please contact us.


ICE SKATING:  The pond was open for a few days in January until substantial snow fell.  Some area residents enjoyed hockey, skating, sliding or just watching from inside the fireplace-warmed pond house.  A small group of volunteers have offered to clear the ice in the future.  Please let us know if you would like to help them. For optimal skating conditions, the snow should be removed within a day or so of snowfall.

The GCPC has a selection of skates to swap or borrow.  Please make plans to check our inventory and leave time to get the skates sharpened.


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