You will notice that the design of Grover Cleveland Park has many features made famous by Frederick Law Olmsted. As noted in the book: “Illustrated Highlights of a Century: Grover Cleveland Park, 1913 -2003” by Richard Cummings and Warren Marchioni, his park designs feature rolling landscapes, curving drives, great lawns, dedicated recreation areas and a variety of water themes in the form of lakes, streams and fountains.

Like many European parks and gardens, Olmsted often included a grand allée bordered by trees.  Our park has Linden Allée which is a straight path bordered by American Linden Trees along the Upper Path.

Now, the new playground will honor that design with the new Paver Allée.  It leads from the Children’s House directly into the center of the playground with the young children’s play area on the right and the older children’s play area on the left.

Since we are re-laying the pavers that were purchased to honor children, parents, and pets, the Conservancy wants to extend the opportunity to new families, parents and others to honor someone special in your lift.

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