The Grounds

The Grounds

The GCPC works closely with the Essex County Park System to identify areas of concern and assist where able.  Dangerous trees have been removed and various issues in the playground addressed.  The Conservancy does not like to see a tree removed from the park, but when a weak tree is near walkways, it is prudent to remove it.  Every effort is made to replace especially prominent trees.

In January 2014, a diesel spill from a body shop on Bloomfield Avenue made its way into the brook nearby and subsequently the park downstream.  Booms to collect the spill were placed in the park’s brook.

The GCPC continues to maintain all of the gardens in the park replacing and adding plants as needed.  The county provides mulch as needed.  The ornamental grasses in the turtle garden were removed as they were hiding the turtle and are indeed invasive.  The grasses in the flag garden will be removed in 2015.

Invasive plant species continue to spread in the park threatening native species.  The GCPC is hoping to identify a corporate partner or generous donor to help eradicate the invasive species.  Any suggestions are welcome.

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