Give a Commemorative Tree

The trees in our park are about 100 years old and are in their declining years. Beginning last year, the Conservancy has embarked on a program to replace the older, dying trees and choosing trees that will not succumb to some of the pests and diseases that have affected many.

In 2017, over 30 trees fell throughout the park and the recent spring snow storm felled an 25 additional trees. That number does not include the limbs and large branches that fell under the weight of the snow.

This Spring, the Conservancy is purchasing 25 trees for the park.  They will be planted in many areas of the park. We invite you to help defray the cost of purchase, transportation, planting of these new specimens through the Conservancy’s Commemorative Tree program.

The price to adopt a tree is the wholesale price that the Conservancy pays, and it includes the cost of planting, mulching, staking and arbor tying each tree.  The trees are purchased from the Plant Detectives, purveyors of fine nursery stock, in Chester NJ and are planted by the NJ Tree Foundation. During the year, they are watered by our volunteers to ensure they survive during hot, dry weather.

Won’t you adopt a tree so the Conservancy can continue to replace our dying and declining trees?