Who We Are

About Us

The Grover Cleveland Conservancy was formed in 2001 by a group of community members who were concerned with the upkeep and maintenance of Grover Cleveland Park,  All officers, trustees, and advisory board members are volunteer community members.

The Grover Cleveland Park Board of Trustees:

Officers for 2017:
President:  Diane Mensinger
Vice President: Kathleen Fischer
Treasurer: Loren Betros
Secretary: Kevin Byrne

Shana Dastur
Christine Gurriere
Andrew Linden
Michael O’Donnell
Susan Zayas

Advisory Board Members for 2017:
Lisa Garrity
Claudia Kolster
Roxanne Knott
Caroline Mescia
Sharon Morrissey
Suzy von Lengerke

The Advisory Board meets as needed to help identify priorities, projects and future Trustees and volunteers. Please contact GCPC if you are interested in serving on this board.

National Association of Olmsted Parks www.olmsted.org
Center for Non-Profit Corporations www.njnonprofits.org
Native Plant Society of New Jersey http://npsnj.org/

  • Jungle Gym
  • Children's House
  • New Tennis Courts
  • Upper Ballfield
  • New lighting fixtures and garbage recepticles
  • Handicap Accessible Picnic Area

Our Accomplishments

· Plant and maintain Triangle Garden (ongoing)
· Plant and maintain Gould Street Triangle garden (ongoing)
· Dead and dangerous trees and limbs removed using Special Purpose Grant and private donations (12/06)
· Planted 45 cherry trees along brook (11/08)
· Planted 4 trees throughout (4/09)
· Planted Gould St. triangle garden (5/09)
· Dogwoods planted along Brookside Avenue (4/10)
· 11 trees planted in picnic grove & pond (7/2011)
· 3 new cherry trees planted (11/2011)
· 5 new trees planted (fall 2012)
· Leucothoe shrubs planted around perimeter of Gould Triangle Garden (spring 2012)
· Entrance sign planters planted (spring 2013)
· 5 Zelkova trees planted (spring 2013)

· Children’s House roof fixed (9/02)
· Parking lots surfaced (7/03)
· Playground Gate purchased using Starbucks Community Grant (8/05)
· New entrance signs – Essex County (5/10)
· Renovate Pond House, install new benches, light stanchions, upgrade ball field (Spring 2006)

Jungle Gym
Jungle Gym

· Fence around playground installed (6/01)
· Shuffleboard & bocce equipment purchased by Conservancy
· Horseshoe pits refurbished & shoes bought – Eagle Scout project (11/02)
· Playground installed (6/03)
· ADA accessible picnic grove (spring 2013)
· Two picnic tables installed near playground (summer2013)
· Rehabilitated the Picnic Grove (Summer 2009)




Playground Gate
Playground Gate

· Pond path paved (7/03)
· Emergent and sub-emergent plants planted along banks of pond to provide bank stabilization and act to filter water (June 2004)
· Brook Rehabilitation complete (8/11)

· Bluebird boxes installed – Cadet Scout project (5/03)
· Skating weather permitting (2001 – 2007, 2009)
· Turtle Garden planned and planted. Girl Scout project (6/05)
· Trails blazed – Boy Scout project (9/05)
· Measured fitness trail marked with mile markers every 1/4 mile (3/08)
· Completed brick paver fundraiser (5/09)